MSR 145 Data logger

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Measured Parameters


Relative Humidity (RH) with Integrated Temp

Pressure (ie. Altimeter, Water Level, Barometer)

3-Axis Acceleration (ie. Determining Position)


2 or 4 Analog Inputs (0 to 3.0 Volts, 12-bit)


Range: ±15g @ -20°C to 65°C

Accuracy: ±0.15G @ 25°C



-20°C to 65°C (Internal); accuracy: ±0.5°C (-10...65°C)

-10°C to 58°C (Internal); accuracy: ±0.1°C (+5...45°C) ±0.2°C (-10...58°C)

-55°C to 125°C (Internal); accuracy: ±0.5°C (-10...65°C) ±2°C (-55...125°C)

0°C to 1024°C (External), 1 or 4 connectors for K-type thermocouple (excluding sensor)


Range: 0 to 100% RH, -20°C to 65°C

Accuracy: ±2% (10 to 85% RH, 0°C to 40°C); ±4% (85 to 95% RH, 0°C to 40°C); ±0.5°C (0°C to 65°C)


Range: 0 to 2000 mbar Absolute or 0 to 14 Bar Absolute

Accuracy: ±2.5mbar (750 to 1100 mbar Absolute, 25C); ±50 mbar (1-10 bar Absolute, 25°C)


Type: SFH 5712 Osram

Range: 0 to 65,000 lx

Accuracy: 100 to 65,000 lx, Max ±5% Linearity Error, Max Sensitivity at 500 nm

Additional analogue input for connecting third party sensors

2 or 4 analogue inputs with freely selectable input configuration: 0..20mA, 4...20mA, 0...3.0V, 0.5...4.5V, 0...5.0V, 1.0...6.0V, 0...10.0V, 0.12.0V, 0...24.0V

Sampling Rate

Temperature & Humidity: 1/s to 12 Hours

Pressure: 10/s to every 12 Hours

Acceleration and Analog Input: 50/s to 12 Hours

Light Level: 1/s to 12 Hours

Data Storage Capacity

Approximately 2,000,000 Total Readings

Additional Storage Available with Standard SD (>4 GB) Card

Storage Conditions

Temperature: 5°C to 45°C

Humidity: 10 to 95% RH, non-condensing


Blue: Recording Indicator

Red: Alarm Indicator

Yellow: Battery Charge Indicator

Power Supply

Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery (260mAh)

(USB Connection to PC recharges unit)

Battery Life

2-3 Months (Sampling Rate: 1 Minute)


Standard Version: 20mm x 15mm x 52mm

Waterproof Version: 18mm x 14mm x 60mm

Standard Waterproof Version: 20mm x 15mm x 61mm


Standard Version: 16 grams

Waterproof Version: 18 grams

Standard Waterproof Version: 23 grams


Standard Version: Poly Carbonate, Non-Moulded

Waterproof Version: Silicon, Moulded

Standard Waterproof Version: Poly Carbonate, Moulded


Standard Version: Air

Waterproof Version: Air, Various Liquids

Standard Waterproof Version: Air, Water

Standards Compliance

RoHS/WEEE, IP60 (Standard Version), IP67 (Waterproof Versions)

Software Compatible

Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98, 95

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